Unlock the Power of Descript

Welcome! This course is desgned to help you edit your videos easily using the Descript video editing platform. During this course, you will: Become familiar with the Descript platform Learn how easy it is to edit your video content Uplevel your videos with B Roll and overlays …and more! The content in this course is … Read more

Build a Better Blog

Welcome! This workshop is desgned to help you write great blog posts on a consistent basis. By “great,” I mean they’ll help you connect with your audience. And by “consistent,” I mean that we’ll take out the “slog” of writing an article, making it easier for you to generate your ideas, get your post written, … Read more

Marketing That Drives Results

Welcome! This workshop is designed to help you get organized and gain a sense of control around your marketing. In doing so, you’ll improve the results of your efforts while also saving your time and energy. During this workshop, you will: Identify what you truly need to focus on Get your marketing organized Explore how … Read more