Marketing That Drives Results Without Sucking Your Energy Dry

Does marketing feel like your 2nd full-time job?

Like it's controlling you rather than you controlling it?
Or like you'd love to get it organized but where do you even start?

I get that. And unfortunately, it's a way-too-common experience.

The internet leads us to believe that we need to be everywhere doing everything all the time. Thankfully, that's not the case.

It's time to take control of your marketing.

Identify what you need to focus on, what you can let go (Yes! Let go!), get your marketing organized, and create an efficient and effective system that works for you and gets better results for your business.

When you take this course, you will:

Get clear on which marketing activities are are necessary, and which are optional

Organize your marketing so you always know what you need to do next

Learn how to be more efficient and make a bigger impact at the same time

Set yourself up to promote your business consistently so you get better results

This workshop was recorded during a live presentation with business owners attending virtually, which means that you also get to hear their questions plus examples of how they applied what they learned to their own businesses. These are moments of contexutal learning where you may gain a deeper understanding of how this information could work in your own marketing, so I encourage you to watch those parts with your own business in mind.

If we haven't met yet...

Pictured: Suzan Czajkowski

It's about helping you find your voice, your style, and your confidence.

Hi! I'm Suzan Czajkowski, and I have made a career out of helping business owners design their own marketing strategy so that they feel empowered by it. It’s been my passion throughout the over 12+ years that I've run my own marketing business.

My clients are introverts, so they struggle with the types of "put yourself out there" marketing strategies that are so prevalent today.

What I've learned in the many years that I've been working with introverts is that the step-by-step marketing strategies that require us to be "on" all the time feel inauthentic and without other options, they're left out in the cold.

My goal with workshops like Marketing that Drives Results Without Sucking Your Energy Dry is to help introverted entrepreneurs like you market your business in ways that are authentic to your personal style. Sometimes it means identifying tactics that allow you work from your naturally reserved and quiet position, and sometimes it means helping you strategically step out of your comfort zone.

In either case, it's about creating a safe space where you can learn the tools, strategies, and tactics to help you show up and market your own business confidently and authentically.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this course help me in my business?

If marketing your business takes a ton of time and effort and you struggle to do it consistently, your business is suffering for it. 

This course will help you get your marketing processes organized and efficient. You will be invited to make decisions about your processes and your focus so that you can become more consistent... and consistency is the key to marketing success.

What if I'm new to marketing?

This course is focused on systems, processes, creating useful habits, and intentional decision-making. If you are just getting into marketing your business, it will help you be strategic in how you promote your business. In other words, it will help you create good habits without having to undo your bad ones!

What comes with this course?

In addition to the recording of the live workshop, you be able to download the worksheets that the participants used.

An additional benefit of accessing the recording is that you can walk through the entire journey on your own schedule and at your preferred pace.