Build a Better Blog Post

What if Blogging Could be Easier?

Learn to write your blog posts faster, publish consistently, and get more people reading your articles, so you have more time for other things!

Get the pre-recorded workshop, Build a Better Blog Post, for just $47.

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So... You've decided that you want to write a blog as a key part of your marketing strategy. You know it's a great way to be found online, to make an impact, and to serve your audience with valuable content that makes a connection and tells them you're the one for them!

But writing a blog regularly can be challenging. Not the writing part, which you might thrive in! But the activity of writing a blog every single week takes time and effort, especially if you start by staring at a blank page, can be daunting. You need to figure out what to say, and how to say it right. And you need to do it consistently. And you need to get it done because you have other things to do!

Blogging every week can feel like a slog sometimes… but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Grab this pre-recorded video course and learn the tips, tricks, and techniques for writing great blog posts faster that your audience will love. You’ll also learn powerful steps you can take to get more people reading your blog!

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When you walk through this course, you will:

Learn specific techniques that enable you to write your article faster

Bring more value into your content so your audience keeps coming back for more

Stop staring at a blank page because you can come up with topics more easily

Learn how to drive more traffic to your blog

Create systems that enable you to publish your articles consistently

Increase your readership with more people clicking through to read your blog

What workshop attendees are saying...

"Clear, crisp with actionable steps. Excellent workshop!"

Sam T.

"Suzan has very clear process that she walks you through. You’ll come out ready to take action!"

Cheryl W.

"WOW, what great content. You have a great delivery style, too!"

Ed T.

"Suzan took something that seemed so daunting and made it seem possible. She does not downplay how much work you need to put into it, but she gives you the guidance to get it done!"

Jo-Ann N.

"Suzan is REALLY good at running these marketing discussions. Not only is she good at walking people through the content, but she also pushes us further than we go ourselves by asking pointed questions. And through it all, her voice and manner are genuinely kind, empathetic, encouraging, and realistic."

Cindy S.

"It's DEFINITELY worth the time and money for the video alone! As I watched it, I jotted down at least a dozen post topics and can easily come up with many more."

Art T.

If we haven't met yet...

Pictured: Suzan Czajkowski

It's about helping you find your voice, your style, and your confidence.

Hi! I'm Suzan Czajkowski, and I have made a career out of helping business owners design their own marketing strategy so that they feel empowered by it. It’s been my passion throughout the over 12+ years that I've run my own marketing business.

My clients are introverts, so they struggle with the types of "put yourself out there" marketing strategies that are so prevalent today.

What I've learned in the many years that I've been working with introverts is that the step-by-step marketing strategies that require us to be "on" all the time feel inauthentic and without other options, they're left out in the cold.

My goal with workshops like Build a Better Blog Post is to help introverted entrepreneurs like you market your business in ways that are authentic to your personal style. Sometimes it means identifying tactics that allow you work from your naturally reserved and quiet position, and sometimes it means helping you strategically step out of your comfort zone.

In either case, it's about creating a safe space where you can learn the tools, strategies, and tactics to help you show up and market your own business confidently and authentically.